My email is missing

I contacted support. Is there anything else I can do?

Put its picture on a milk carton?

You’ve not told us anything about your setup. Are you using POP or IMAP? What makes you think it’s missing? Are you still getting mail? Have you checked using the webmail interface?


I am getting new email but all the rest of my 2000 messages are gone from my webmail account. I am using the webmail interface. I’ve had this account for many years and no problems until now.

Panel > Mail > Manage Email

Click the Edit button next to the user in question.

On the following page you’ll see preferences for that user’s Email.

Note the “Save removed messages” location.

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Thanks a lot for your message. I found the folder but couldn’t download from it. I’ll try again tomorrow.

No worries. I hope you can get it sorted out okay.

btw I was mucking about with mail the other day and noticed the max inbox count is 2000. It might pay to keep that in mind for future reference :wink:

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It was a big relief to find the old-messages folder (thank you!). Unfortunately I haven’t been able to get anything out of it. I’ve been trying through the web panel and my browser always crashes when I go there. Internet Explorer 7 either crashes right away or when I try to download or copy one or more messages out of there. FTP won’t work either.

I tried going to my old-messages folder through my webmail but the folder is empty when I open it. I don’t know how to use SSH. :frowning:


Try using WinSCP and connect with the SFTP protocol.

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Great! I downloaded the email with WinSCP! Now how do I open it or move it to where my webmail will see it? I couldn’t find a program to open the mail. I hope it isn’t corrupted or anything.

My squirrel webmail just says the old-messages folder is empty. This doesn’t seem to be true when I look on the server.

I couldn’t find the answers on the Wiki.

Mucho big thanks.

I have no idea :slight_smile:

I just looked at a raw mail directory and all my files are named in this format:


So what you could do is make a Windows batch file to rename all those to end in .eml so that Outlook Express can read them without whining to much.

First create a new temporary directory on your desktop and open it up.

Right-click > New Text Document

Copy/pasta this:

for %%i in (*[color=#CC0000].com[/color]) do ren %%i %%i.eml

Replacing [color=#CC0000].com[/color] with whatever your .tld is (.net .org etc.)

File > Save As…
Filename: _eml.bat
Save As Type "All Files"
Encoding ANSI
Click Save

You should now have a Windoze batch file that will rename anything (and everything) that ends in .com to .eml in this directory.
Congratulations, you are now a programmer!

Delete that blank NewTextDocument.txt file, we don’t want it.

Copy all your downloaded files into your new directory and double-click your _eml.bat batch file.

Now we’ll open up Outlook Express and create a temporary folder:

Start > Run, type msimn.exe and hit Enter

Over on the left, right-click on Local Folders and create a new folder called ‘imported’.

Now, back in your temporary folder, highlight the _eml.bat file then goto Edit > Invert Selection.
You should now have only your emails selected.

Drag and Drop them onto the ‘imported’ folder icon in Outlook Express.


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Thanks for this idea. I really want to know how to do this. I did make a .bat file but I have not been able to figure out the correct script for it.

This is what two of my email file names look like.


They all have endings that all start with

I tried to get the script to replace all those endings with the extension of .eml.

This is what I tried from what you wrote…
for %%i in (*.looneymail-mx2:2,S) do ren %%i %%i.eml

Can you tell me how to get the script to be correct?

Thanks. I also tried to use AutoHotKey and notepad++ to record my actions to make a script but couldn’t figure it out. I haven’t used them before.

I appreciate it.

The illegal chars will play havoc with Windoze.

Fire up WinSCP and login to your server using SFTP

Press F7 to create a directory and name it eml

Double click to move into it.

Right-click > New File and name it

Copy/Pasta these lines:

#!/bin/bash for bad in *;do fix=$(echo $bad | sed s/1:2,S/.eml/g) test $bad != $fix && mv $bad $fix done Hit Esc to close the editor, clicking Yes to save.

Right-click > Properties

In Octal type 0700 and hit Enter

Copy/Upload/Extract all your *mx1:2,S files into that folder

Right-click > Custom Commmands > Execute

Download your *.eml files and drop them onto the imported folder you’ll create in OE.

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