My Drupal's site is very VERY slow



Today, I migrate my site from my old provider and is now extremely slow.

I have already increased and activated max_memory_size and Drupal’s caching system and my site stills very very slow but in my previous server and with the same site’s configuration worked fine (a normal vps, now i have a dedicated server blue moon 8).

I do not know what else I can do. My knowledge get to this point. Any help or suggestions are welcome.

UPDATE: Now my site is down.


What is the load average on your server? Have a look at the CPU and memory usage on your VPS account? If the server is not over loaded, check process list to see which one is slowing the site.


There was an error in the server configuration.
Mysql was in a shared server instead of dedicated. I wrote to tech support and
they fix it and the site’s performance improved substantially.