My Dreamhost site take a new domain name

When you said “owner,” is that the person who currently set up the .org here that you need to set up? Do you already have a website set up for your .org domain?

Renaming your folder will not make your site work. Adding a Fully Hosted domain is what it takes, since that’s what adds the DNS records.

Since you continue to not post the name of your domain, you’re making it very difficult for people to troubleshoot and get a clear idea of what the problem (and solution) is.


Ultimately, if you can prove via manipulation of whois records that you own the domain, even if the other account holder does not respond the domain can be transferred to your account so that you can control all its functionality at DreamHost.

It would help me know what the situation is here if you indicated what the domain is. :wink:

–DreamHost Tech Support

Matteo sent me the info in a PM. I forwarded it to rlparker because he’s the man who gets things done!

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Thanks! The key to getting this resolved is to have the registrant, or administrative contact, for the domain in question to become involved. Only in this manner will this be resolved.

–DreamHost Tech Support