My Dreamhost site take a new domain name

Hi there,

I developed a site based on WP, registering an account (host domain) on Dreamhost and choosing not to register the domain yet (using a free subdomain).

Now i want that my real domain hosted by another company, points my site.

The result i want is have my domain( that load the website hosted now by dreamhost.

It’s possible? i could do that?

I think the first time is to point domain DNS to dreamhost DNS. It’s enough? Think is not…

Thank you in advance,


Assuming you’ve installed WordPress yourself:

  1. Add your in Panel (using the same user as the sub-domain you already have setup)

[color=#00CC00]Domains > Manage Domains > Add New Domain / Sub-Domain[/color]

  1. Change the NAMESERVERS for at your current registrar ** Note that DNS propagation may take a few hours, so you might want to wait around for that to happen before moving on to step 3.

  1. Log in to your WP admin Settings and change the WP and Blog address to

  2. Log in to shell or SFTP and:

  • Rename your newly created folder to domain.bak

  • Rename dreamhosters sub-domain to

  1. Either rename domain.bak to the dreamhosters sub-domain name or remove the temporary sub-domain from Panel

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1st step:

when i add my new domain, what profile i have to choose? Fully hosted? DNS only?

If i choose fully hosted for this procedure (if this one is the right choice), i have to pay more than i have already paid?

thank you in advance.

If you have a web hosting account, choose Fully Hosted. You don’t have to pay anything extra :wink:

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How To Install PHP.INI / ionCube on DreamHost

one more, sXI:

I tried to proceed with the first step (add domain), but dreamhost c-panel told me:

You can’t add that domain: you don’t have permission to add to

i have to set dns first?

a further informations:

i wish to use a subdomain, so i’ve tried to add

Somewhere in DH forum i’ve read that before add a subdomain, i have to add the parent domain.

So i’ve tried to add, and system told me:

[quote]You can’t add that domain: already in our system


mhhh…it’s real? i don’t have a direct control on this domain panel, but i don’t believe it’s true. By, i know that this domain is on a private server…

Did you register that domain? Two things give that message:

  1. Someone else actually owns that domain name and has set it up here
  2. Someone else doesn’t own that domain, but created it as a test site here. Theirs won’t show up to outsiders, but it does prevent you from creating it here.

If you are the registered domain owner, you can contact Support to clear the unauthorized one out of the system.


Hi Scott,

-we are the owners of the subdomain;
-the parental domain si managed by another hosting provider

how can i solve?



[edit]the parental domain hosting provider confirm: they don’t have our parental domain on a DH account.

Hi there,

i was thinking for a solution, to get my result (subdomain not DH hosted ponts my WP DHhosted) without 1st step (vd. procedure above).

Could i change DNS at subdomain panel (using DH DNS) and simply rename my dreamhosters sub-domain folder (where WP is running now) to mysubdomain via SFTP?

finally, i get the same result (a folder with my subdomain name and DNS pointed to DH).

Could it works?

many thanks!

If you own the domain just ask Support to clear it from the system for you, like Scott said :wink:

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I asked for it, but they told me that is not a DH policy remove it without an explicit consent.

I responded by showing them all the credentials that attest the ownership of the domain, and also a contact to the hosting company who are managing now the subdomain i want to add here.

The only thing i’ve get, is a mail from DH to the “owner” of the account, and maybe he could be registered with a low monitored mailbox (company account? we are talking about a global organization…)

So, if i can bypass the 1st step, will be great.


It now looks like you have two problems:

  1. You need DreamHost to clear out the existing domain, but you can’t prove it’s yours.
  2. You need the owner of your domain to modify their DNS to point to your subdomain here, otherwise nobody will know where to find the subdomain.

What is the subdomain (with full domain name) you’re trying to set up?


no, maybe my english is not so good…but:

1)the domain is mine (ours), and yes, i can prove this (and i’ve sent to DH support all documentation and email)

2)I can easy modify the DNS from this subdomain to dreamhost.

the problem is about adding my parental domain to my DH user (see the second post, with the procedure. i’m talking about 1st step).

Can I bypass this step renaming my url folder and point the DNS to DH?

Anyway, thanks a lot Scott!

Since I don’t know the naming structure of your domain, there’s not much I can do. Some are in the format of, while others are just sub.domain.TLD. Is yours a .com, or something like a


it’s a .org of a global no-profit organization (i can’t write here the name, but i’ve write all contacs -CIO too!- to the dreamhost Support)

there’s a subdomain ( i want to add it at my DH user. System told me “can’t add this domain”.

i’ve read about “first add parental, then subdomain” so i’ve tried to add the parental… but the system told me: can’t add this domain, already registered at DH

DH can’t delete this domain added in DH database before have a confirmation from the “owner” , and now i’m searching for a new procedure to bypass the adding domain (see above)

Since you are not the owner of the domain, Support isn’t going to clear that domain from the system. There’s no way to bypass this. You have two choices:

  1. Host your subdomain where the main .org site is.
  2. Register your own .org to represent your local group. Have the main .org link to your site.


make a distinction:

-we are the owner of the domain .org (and his subdomain), and the domain is not hosted on dreamhost; we can’t add the domain because the system told me “already in our system”; we talked abuot this to the Hosting Provider who manage the .org, they said they have no relationship with DH and no one DNS is pointed to DH for now (so this .org on DH is necessarily a test/fake).

-we have choice (and paid) DH for host this Wp and make it working with our subdomain.

so…could i simply rename the folder by SFTP to and switch the dns to DH?

here it seems that we could do it.

If you are the owner then someone at DreamHost needs to get a hurry-on and get this sorted out. If the address isn’t coming up with DreamHost nameservers then it shouldn’t be kidnapped by the “system” anyway. Sounds to me like it’s time to get out the ALL CAPS.

Which “global non-profit organisation” is this for anyway?

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I’ve contacted Dreamhost, but everything they told me is that they will send an email the user who added this domain. And there is a large possibility that we will not have an answer.

That’s totally unacceptable. If they are to email anyone it should be the registered domain owner, not some random $10 user who has apparently slapped a domain they don’t own into their Panel because of a typo or experimentation.

Tell whomever you’re communicating with to turn over that soda-stained piece of A4 paper with “How-To Tech Support” written on the top of it. There’s probably more info scribbled on the back of it he should consult.

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