My Dreamhost Site is Down

It crashes every week. Please, someone contact me! Last time it took DH 8 hours to get back to me to get my site back online.


My Sites are down too, this is becoming a trend

Just curious, what machine are you on aravot?

Check out Gordaen’s Knowledge, the blog, and the MR2 page.

I could have sworn that I read at length last week that “Kiva was leaving” Dreamhost.

“Thanks for sharing” that your site is down…but do not expect a request for “Please, someone contact me” to produce any results if placed on this customer-to-customer forum. Dreamhost staff does not regularly visit these forums.

The proper place to report a site outage, and request assistance with that, is via the Control Panel.

BTW , your site works fine for me…


I am changing, it’s just hard to change instantly. I realized after Dreamhost that I can’t risk being on a shared server with a company who takes hours to respond. It is quite a helpless feeling to have the site crash every week without customer service to get back to you.

The site was down for an hour again today with no explanation. It wasn’t even mentioned on the dreamhoststatus blog.

Sorry if everyone here finds me annoying. It is my only hope of getting someone to help as I spend the next fewe days moving to a more reliable company.

I understand. It is frustrating to have your site down and not be able to immediately get attention for it.

As for the blog, information there is generally of a widespread or group-specific nature (whole system problem, or individual server impacting many users) an, as such, will only have information relevant to your site if it is affected by those types of problems; an individual site going “borked” will not show up there.

It is not you that some find anynoying; it’s the repeated, in multiple forum (crossposting) “my site’s down, someone help me” posts that other users of the forum, customers like yourself, can do nothing to help get resolved that are annoying (after the first such “newbie” post). Other than sympathizing with you, and pointing you to support, there is no point in us responding. It just gets a little tiresome wading through that stuff repeatedly.

And, again, it is not in anyway likely to to “get someone to help”, as those who are in a position to help respond to support tickets, not forum posts. :wink: