My DreamHost PS have down for more than 12 hours


My DreamHost PS have down for more than 12 hours

Are you kidding me?

during these downtime, do I need to decrease the guaranteed CPU time and memory to save my money?

I am very angry

Dreamhost PS is not a good choice. <------my forum is dead now


I assume you’re on the spunky cluster which is currently having some trouble? Their last status update indicates that they’ve got the trouble figured out and that it’s just a matter of a little time before they do everything they need to do to get things back under control and everyone’s site up and running.


in this post not including my server “niketw”

The affected servers are:
bombadil boybutter burn diaryoapg emn headhunter muhammadiya poto sugardoodle tommy_the_cat


Posting on any forum here is reasonable…
… posting identical messages in three different forums is a bit pointless, even if you are “very angry”. :wink:

–DreamHost Tech Support


–DreamHost Tech Support[/quote]

For the OP, what did the DH support say?

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Sorry about that

I have deleted the other two posts after your reply.

but I really don’t know what’s happened about my sites downtime.

I find out your forum support member to choose their language in the Edit Profile.

I like it ^^


Thanks for doing that! I understand it’s bad when your sites are down, but I really don’t know what’s happening with your PS server either (I’m not at work right now :frowning: ).

There are folks working tonight though, so make sure you have a support request submitted and hopefully someone can look into it, and give you a response, as soon as they can.

–DreamHost Tech Support


thank you so much

you are a good employee.

your boss should pay you more money for your hard work after work.



please refer to the figure

my site down agein




I think it’s worth mentioning that Dreamhost PS only insulates you against (most) of the ills of bad neighbors on your server. That is, you get guaranteed memory and CPU time. It’s not like it’s a high availability server or anything with no single-point-of-failure. (and you are subject to bad neighbor problems on your MySQL server unless you get MySQLPS as well).

OTOH, just like everyone else, you have a reasonable expectation to have your site available almost all the time and that support will fix any infrastructure issues expediently. In this, though, we PS customers submit our tickets and pray to the hosting gods like everyone else.

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please refer to the newer figure

I think my site down again.

and I don’t know why the cpu usage will fly high suddenly.


Isn’t it true that when your server is using more than your guaranteed memory allotment, your processes are subject to being killed by the process killer to free memory (or just fail in memory allocation - I haven’t researched this adequately).

Is this a factor?

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Dear Lensman,
this is newer status of cpu and mem,

I don’t know what reasons cause the server down.

I just know the server does not work.Although, I try to upgrade the guaranteed memory and Cpu time and reboot server.

I am not a programmer of linux so I don’t know how to find out the anomalism. All I can do is to report these situations by using my poor English.


by the way, thank you for your kindly reply and analysis.


It’s pretty apparent that your going well beyond your CPU/Memory settings. The problem is with your site, not Dreamhost, you’ve got a process or application that is hammering your site resources. You need to look at what is sucking up the resources. If you are in fact getting that much traffic (I doubt it) to use this amount of resources you need to go with a dedicated server/servers.

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The server down again
please refer to the following figures

and the Reboot Server is did’t work.

Is it really a process or application that is hammering my site resources?

Could you tell me which process or application does that?

I like dreamhost, but now I have a big trouble with the private server


We can’t help. We are just customers like you. Send a ticket to DH support and ask them to check your server ASAP. This is the second time already.

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No, it is not the second times but the third times already.

and every thing was ok before upgrade to private server.


Well, it depends on your definition of ok.

It does look like you have a pretty demanding site, memory-wise. The question is, were you getting all these resources before you switched, or would Dreamhost “catch” that your site was using “too many” resources and was slowing the server down. It looks like more than just spike traffic - you have long periods of time where your site continuously uses >10% of the memory of the machine. This is not “good” for a shared server account.

Depending on your traffic and how your site is implemented, this may or may not be “normal”. What does your site do?

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Your sites should be up by now.

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Dear Lensman,

Thank you so much! It is in normal operation now.

Before receiving your infomation about useing >10% of the memory of
the machine, I have applied to enable DreamHost PS for more 1 month (maybe).
I don’t know the real timeline.

and now, I just want to know what’s happened.
because when the server down, it is of no use to reboot server or to readjust the levels of CPU / Memory.

Thank you for your hard to solve and answer my problem again.