My dreamhost account and preventing spam...?


my first question i suppose is to know if anyone can link to the software i have a slight knowledge of which does the following:

  • intercepts new emails destined for a target account
  • determines if the address is on a whitelist
  • if not, it automatically sends a message back to the sender that prompts them to reply to that message with some type of “verification code”
  • sender replies with correct verification code (which i assume is random) and are added to the whitelist
  • original email is, only then, delivered to the target account

part two of this question is to know if dreamhost has anything like this set up?


I use SpamSweep for the Mac. It’s close, but a bit kludgy.

It checks multiple accounts on a server and scans new mail for spamminess. Spam gets moved to a spam folder, and ham gets left alone. Suspicious messages pop up a warning.

Without the ability to use procmail here for new accounts, it’s pretty limited as to what you can do with mail. SpamSweep doesn’t need to be run on the server, but it’s a fairly simple setup.

DreamHost does have SpamAssassin, which does some of this, except for the Please Verify step. It does have some spam checking, minimal configurability, and white/blacklists.