My Domains Arent Connecting

Hi i am new to dreamhost web hosting and i dont know how i am able to addon a domain i have 3 domains i need to add on i dont want to transfer it all i want to do is the name server thing i allready made all my domains point to the name server addresses but how am i able to add it to the site so it can link up? the domains im trying to addon are: - -

someone please try to help me out i need these domains on my new site ASAP i have alot of people waiting to go back on the sites!


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Have you set up the Fully Hosted Domains? If not, go to: to create a Fully Hosted Domain (or subdomain) and start filling in your information.


After setting the name servers for the domains to etc, you need to add the domains to the DreamHost hosting system. You do this in the DreamHost panel at Domains -> Manage Domains -> Add New Domain / Sub-Domain, add them as Fully Hosted.

Once you have done this, new directories will be created in your home directory corresponding to the domains you have added, these directories will by default have the same names as the domains. You need to upload the site files for each domain into the relevant directory.

Note: After changing the DNS settings, it can take up to 72 hours for the changes to propagate across the Internet, during this time your domains may not be browsable, but you can still upload content during this time.


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Do you have content from any old hosting that you need to transfer over?

BTW really really sorry for this but it will make things a lot easier for people trying to help, but… :slight_smile:

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thanks for that i was going to comment similarly but i decided it might be more insulting than productive and whats that point anyway you know so i didnt then i thought i should have and wished i had so since you did i am too its really great when people see things the same or different and compare thanks for that really! :smiley:

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Ok thanx everyone!! all my domains are working now :slight_smile: & im happy that i found this way better web hosting its way closer to where i live :slight_smile:

Xfire: LaNx1337

Welome to Dreamhost!

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Welcome to DH!

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