My domain name and Facebook

Please forgive me, this isn’t a problem with Dreamhost. I want to say that the tech support I’ve gotten from Kevin and Toby on the live chat has been amazing. Super helpful. I dont know if there is a way around this and I need to sort it out before confirming my domain address.

I’m a graphic designer, just trying to get my portfolio site together. I’ve had some problems with domain names. Right now I know what address I want to register, and I’ve started creating a Facebook ‘Page’. When I try adding the email address it wont let me :frowning: I get ‘You have entered an invalid email. Please check your email address and try again.’ But if I remove ‘the’ it works. Has anyone else come against this? Any ways around it? I hate that Facebook is so ‘powerful’.

It’s unclear if you have already registered the domain “”, you do state that you “want” to register it, so I’m assuming that you haven’t.

When you enter an email address into a facebook email field, it attempts to “test” the email address. If the domain is not registered, it tell you immediately that the email address is not valid, and won’t allow you to save. If the domain is valid it sends a “test” email to that address, and until you click the link contained within that email facebook treats the email address as unverified and will not display it to anyone other than yourself.

The reason you can enter the other email address is likely because that domain does exist (even tho it’s not your domain).

I’m afraid you will need to register the domain first.

Yes LakeRat that was it. Clever, but maybe the error message could mention this??? When it first happened it never crossed my mind that it was checking the validity of the email address so quickly.

Facebook apparently thinks the words “You must provide a valid email.” is enough explanation.