My domain is unknown

Hey, I recently bought webspace on Dreamhost (DH), as well as a domain name. I’ve made an email-address on the domain, to which I can send mail from my gmail account. So in some sense it works.

A problem, however, arise whenever I try to connect to the domain and the domain via my browser. I end up on a page that tells me, that my domain is unknown and suggest to me that I typed the wrong address.

In the “manage domains” section of the panel the domain appears to be “fully hosted” and active, and I see no reason why it should not work. I even put a small html file in the relevant directory (myusername/mydomainname). It makes no difference, and I have a hard time seeing why it should.

Obviously I am missing something, or - less likely - there is something wrong, that I am not able to correct.

I tried to read in the wiki, but I see no clues to my problem there. Any help will be appreciated. A lot!


Most likely your domain name is still cached somewhere in your computer or provider’s network. Maybe because you visited it before you registered it. If so your site will become visible to you when the cache is cleared.

You might want to check from somewhere else (via a proxy for instance).

Plug it in this: tells me that it is not a cache-problem

Have you added the domain on “manage domains” in the panel? Does it say “fully hosted” in the web hosting column on that page? If so you should be good, but DNS changes don’t happen instantly. You can check progress here:

ususally new domains will propagate faster (few hours) but a change might take 4-24ish hours.