My domain is not getting hosted


My domain is not getting hosted, Dreamhost says it will take 2-3 days but i want to get it started now, Can anyone help me to get it start now.


These are customer to customer forums and, while DH staffers occasionally drop in, they rarely answer.

It sounds like you have already discussed the situation with support, and they have told you how long it will take. With no other information from you, I don’t know what else to suggest.

When you say “get it started now” are you talking about obtaining a hosting account, registering a domain, transferring a domain, changing DNS, or what? :wink:

If you are waiting for your account to be approved, I know of no way to speed that process other than working with DreamHost.

It does take time fro DNS to update across the web for a newly registered domain or for a DNS entry change.

Maybe, if you provide more details as to what you are having to wait for, someone will have a suggestion but I suspect that if DH has already told you it will take “two or three days” they may well be correct. :slight_smile:



I haven’t ask for DH support, See i have a domain which i had hosted in DH, Yesterday i had deleted it and than hosted it again, When i had hosted it the automatic system says " The domain is hosted successfully, It will take 2 or 3 days to be active".




I understand now. That message is the “stock” warning about the time it takes for DNS updates to make their way across the web so that everyone can see the site via DNS lookup. Often, in reality it takes much less than that, though it can on occasion take longer!

This generally happens when you add a domain, change DNS, etc. If you deleted your domain, and it actually got deleted from DNS, and later “re-added” it, then that process has to be repeated (and there is no reliable way to speed it up.)

There are things you can do in the meantime to access your site via the web an work on it so that it is “ready” when the DNS update is complete:

Give that DreamHost wiki article a read, and see if anything there is useful to you. :wink: