My domain, help!

Okay, so, my domain expired about four days ago, but I had it on auto-renew, so when i didn’t, I tried to renew it manually, but it’s locked, so I can’t update anything. In the mean time, my site is offline because the registrar there (even after I paid for the renewal) has not responded yet after three days and I’m getting a little edgy about it because I need my site online, like, now. And, a while back, I tried to transfer it to dreamhost, but after the request was sent, they NEVER responded! What do I do? I can’t just sit here forever and wait for nothing to happen and they don’t even have a 1800 number. Help, please? =(

Have you checked to see what the whois information your domain shows? Since it expired, it was probably removed from DNS. If so, once you paid for it with the registrar, it will need to be re-added by them and then DNS may take a day, or several, to update.

There’s not a thing in the world any of us can do to “help” you figure it out given the information you have provided. You didn’t include the domain name, the name of the registrar, etc.


That’s the url to the whois information. It’s locked and I already sent the money and many emails to the registrar and they haven’t even responded to my payment yet. What if they don’t renew it because its currently inactive or something? Is there anything I can do to retrieve it?

From looking at the link you provided, and further checking the domain again on enom’s own whois server, it is still showing as “expired”. This probably means your registrar has not yet processed your payment.

The domain, however, does not show up as being “available”. It appears to be in the “holding period” immediately after expiration which would allow you to renew with your registrar.

If you are the party listed in the whois info, at least no one else can “get at it” right now (and neither can you); your best bet is to continue to attempt to contact your registrar and facilitate the processing of the payment so that they can “re-instate” you and get a functioning DNS re-established.

I don’t really know of any “shortcuts” for this; you just have to stay on it (and hopefully not let the domain expire in the future, eh? :wink: )