My domain folder is not my


I bought the plan yesterday evening and I try some tests with my domain, now I want to delete the folders inside, but it’s impossible!

It’s strange for me that I can’t delete the folders on my home dir :frowning:

PS: which tag is better for show code examples?

Karim Gorjux :cool:


Your’re not suppose to delete the folders in your home directory! It’s a bit different to other types of cpanels, where you have public_html.

Your home directory = where your domain folders are meant to be. You can only upload/delete files inside those folders :slight_smile:


Now I remove the domain from the “manage domains”, I want to delete everything inside the folder. But I can’t… I want to remove the folder and start again from the beginning…

Karim Gorjux :cool:


Thankyou for the answer to both:

[alameda]$ rm -fr blog/
rm: cannot remove directory `blog/’: Permission denied

It’s the first thing that I tryed. :-/

Karim Gorjux :cool:


This happens to me once in a while. Sometimes, one-click-installed things can’t be easily deleted. I just contact DH Support and tell them to delete that particular subdirectory and everything inside it.

Of course this relates to “content” directories like one-click installs and subdomains. I don’t mess with the directories that were there from the beginning (like “Maildir” etc.)!

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I had a similar problem this morning when I removed a sub-domain. I couldn’t delete the sub-domains directory, I kept getting ‘permission denied’. In my case, the solution was to re-add then remove the sub-domain. This seemed to fix the permissions, allowing me to delete the directory.

However, I still have a sub-directory in ‘logs’, related to the (now removed) sub-domain that I can’t delete, but I can live with that. :slight_smile:

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Oh! Yeah I had a subdomain I couldn’t delete and apparently, there were some ‘hidden files’ and I had to get Dreamhost to delete the folders for me!