My dedicated ds4283 is down

Hi there,

I have dedicated with dream host (stupidest decision ever). It was unreachable for few hours last night and it’s down again now. For every second of downtime I lost a lot of money, my production site is down, my customers already contact me through their lawyers.
I’ll definitely make you pay the price.

For now I want to access my server for migration to normal stable company, not 3 people shop like DS. And I need this access to my account now!
No answer, as usual. dreamhost is worst hosting possible.
Will migrate from backups and never want to work with ds. Then I’ll try to alert friendly ds customers to move from this “hosting”

Which dedicated package were you on ?

Already found great hosting with the same price and almost finished services relocation.
And there is really working support team not like few bots here.
I was stupid enough that still used ds dedicated for our banner network. Now I lost about $5K just for today and get a good lesson - AVOID USING dreamhost BY ANY COST!
After short talk with support (usual “I will escalate your problem”, “supervisor is almost here” and “we will issue an announcement”) I can tell - there is no person who can answer for what they doing. No one. Great I documented everything and my lawyer already happy like hell )