My customers will know you?

I am really curious… :slight_smile:

I don’t want my customers who I am going to resell Dreamhost service KNOW THAT I am register their service with Dreamhost. Ortherwise they will quit me and rush to Dreamhost :slight_smile:

Will my customers know you?

If you choose to give your customers FTP access only, then you may be able to disguise the fact that they are hosted on DreamHost, although the smart ones will be able to work it out. :slight_smile:

However, you can not ‘brand’ the admin panel, so if you intend to give your customers any kind of panel access, they will know that they are hosted at DreamHost.

Overall, DreamHost is not the best choice for a re-seller who wishes to re-brand the service.


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…and they can always look at the DNS to check if they wanted to.

Yep, although there is a way to configure the domain to have ns1.yourdomain.tld name servers (re-directed to the real DreamHost name servers), this wouldn’t help much either.

Even a simple trace route to the domain would show a DreamHost destination.


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Even if you could set the nameservers like that - the A record cannot change, that will always be your DH web server IP address.

That’s why I said it wouldn’t help much. :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously though, I think we agree that regardless of the ‘tricks’ the original poster uses, trying to disguise where the domain is actually hosted, the customers will ultimately be able to determine the truth without too much effort.


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The ones that could figure it out (before/without seeing the panel), could figure it out before they signed up by checking your domain.

Most people probably don’t care what you do, as long as they’re getting what they paid for from you. Actually, most probably wouldn’t understand what you were talking about even if you told them.

Plus, if you offer a service above & beyond what DH does, it doesn’t really matter if they know who DH is. (web design, SEO, third party script support, freebies/discounts, etc…)

A reseller is never going to compete with the big boys on price/space/bandwidth… but there are plenty of other reasons to choose a host. The ones that would leave over one or all of those 3 things would probably be doing you a favor.

If someone tells you they’re leaving for Dreamhost, don’t forget to give them a referral link/promo code. :wink:

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It is not possible to prevent your customers to trace the DNS. Therefore, it is not advisable to sell yours.

However, you can always refer your customers to dreamhost. You can either get 97 dollar at one time or 10% forever per referral. I’m sure you have seen the office referral scheme in DH’s website

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