My CSS files: mysteriously deleted

I’m having a problem with cascading style sheet (CSS) files on my site, They are mysteriously being deleted every day.

No matter what I name them, if the file ends in .css, the day after I post it, it’s gone.

This is, of course, not acceptable. I have not added any executables to the site, so I know it’s not me doing this. Any suggestions on how I can stop the server from deleting my css files?

This is bizarre – pretty well all my sites on Dreamhost use CSS, so it certainly doesn’t do that to everyone. Have you contacted Support about this? That’s usually quicker than the forums…



Is this for your live site?

I looked at the source code for several of your pages and saw no links to a *.css file.

It’s for a site redesign that is in development now.

To clarify the problem, it appears that any file with “wagm” as part of its name is being deleted, but files without that as part of the name are not.

I also had a problem with a directory located at web root that I named “admin”. Any files in the “admin” directory were being deleted, but the directory was fine.

When I renamed the directory to something else, no files were deleted.

Yes, I contacted support; they seem befuddled as well, but we are dangerously close to a fix, which I will note here once complete.


It seems pretty unlikely to me that the disappearance is due to anything we’re doing. What are you using to upload the files? Can you establish any sort of pattern as far as when they seem to disappear?

It appears this problem has been resolved.

The problem only occurs if the .css files I post contain “wagm” in them. It is entirely possible the previous developer may have implemented something to cause this behavior.

Thanks to all who replied.