My Control Panel is broken

When I try to login I receive receive this message:

Software error:

Can’t call method “quote” on unblessed reference at /usr/local/lib/site_perl/Ndn/Common/ line 698.

For help, please send mail to the webmaster (, giving this error message and the time and date of the error.


If I email, I get an email back:


We’re sorry… your email was unable to be processed by our automatic
support system, and so is being returned to you.

Our system could not find the open support case you were replying to,
and so could not automatically tie your message into our system. If this
was a reply to an EXISTING issue, please be sure to keep the:

[blah 123456]

in the subject line of your reply!

If this is regarding a NEW issue, we must ask that you submit it
through our web panel at:

(You can log in with this email address and your panel password… have
it emailed to you if you’ve forgotten it!)

All messages submitted through that form are guaranteed to be received!

Our apologies for the inconvenience,

The Happy DreamHost Support Team!


This is the only place I think I can find any sort of support. I just hope they know the issue and are working on it, but there’s nothing on twitter or the status blog about this issue. I’m on the granola server.

EDIT: Now it works sometimes and shows the error above most of the time.

I’m on bugsy and have the same error. Really upset that I followed their instructions and received a reply telling me my e-mail was unable to be processed. I was able to get into to Web Panel through backdoor (clicking the link in the e-mail), but now I can’t send a support ticket - the progress meter just keeps spinning. Everything else I do in the web panel is really slow, as well. Let me know if you find out what’s wrong.

I eventually managed to get in and do what I needed to after many errors and refreshing. It seems to be more stable for me now so there’s not much sense reporting the problem if there’s nothing for them to diagnose.

However, I’m shocked to discover that you cannot contact them if the control panel breaks. Now I’m really thinking of finding another web host… like one with a phone number or at least support email address.

It’s still worth reporting, because the problem may crop up again, and you should be sure you know why and how to fix it. Also, if nothing else, I don’t want to be the only one to complain at the stupidity of a) not even being able to reach a login screen for my admin access and b) being asked to send an e-mail to an address that can not process my message.

Performance is still erratic for me.

Seems they noticed.