My Comments are Gone On My Site


I am currently using the latest version of Wordpress. I logged into my dashboard a little while ago and all my comments were gone. I had over 60,000 comments on my blog but now it says I have 0 comments, 0 pending, 0 approved, and 0 spam. It also says that I don’t even have any comments yet.

When I click on the tab to bring up all my posts, it shows the comment count on each post correctly but when you view the comments, they aren’t there either. It’s like all comments are still there but not there.

I have been trying to find help on this everywhere and still haven’t had any luck. I would really appreciate any help as I need to have my comments back because all my comments are actually giveaway entries from the giveaways I run.


Have you been backing up the database?


I’ve never did backups myself. I have been working with someone from support and he restored it from a backup from a couple days ago. (I’m assuming their is an automatic backup from time to time or something?) Now everything is back to normal.

I’m not very good with this kind of stuff so I apologize for asking this next question if it sounds kind of dumb - is there a way to back up the database myself and if so, should I backup every day in case something like this happens? I just wondered because I did lose one of my blog posts (just one and that one wasn’t a big deal).

Thanks for the reply and for the help :slight_smile: