My blog just disappeared


I spent about two hours this morning setting up and updating my new blog. I have it hosted at I went into the control panel to see if I could get my blog to show up when someone goes to the URL (rather than having to use an URL wih the /blog part on the end…)

I made a change to the web directory link in domain management - I guess this was the wrong thing to do since it has now gone completely… Any ideas? Yes, I’m a blog noob… :frowning:


What change did you actually make to the link?

Odds are good that your blog is actually still installed on the Dreamhost servers but that whatever change you made to the web directory has simply placed your blog outside of your web accessible content. If you log in using FTP or SSH, you’ll probably be able to find your blog there and you can either reinstall it in the new web directory or point the web directory over to the right place. Since it sounds like this is a new blog, I would probably just reinstall it.


Hi, thanks for replying.

Under Manage Domains, under “Specify your web-directory”, I changed it from to in the (obviously) mistaken belief that this change would cause visitors to to be immediately directed to the page…

Hope that’s not too confusing…

I checked with Filezilla and all the blog folders and files are still in the same place, so maybe by making that change (and changing back again) has caused the DNS to re-register or something? In any case, it seems I’m now getting an index page at, rather than a 404 error page like I was getting a bit earlier.

It’s all a mystery to me… ! :frowning: