My blog disappeared!



Tonight I was using MarsEdit to create a new post. It was having trouble uploading a jpg, so I decided to try to upload it myself using Transmit FTP. However, when I logged into my DreamHost account through Transmit, the blog in question didn’t appear in my list of directories. All my other DH-hosted sites were there, per usual.

I thought that strange, so I checked in here on the user panel. Sure enough, the site in question didn’t offer the option of web FTP on my main domain page. So I chose to edit under the “wed hosting” category, and the only change I made (full disclosure: I had no idea what I was doing, besides guessing) was to select “fully host.”

After that, I went back to Transmit and hit refresh, and sure enough a directory showed up for the site in question. Having felt I did something right, I was about to proceed, but then I checked in with MarsEdit, and it suddenly accepted the upload. So I went back to editing there, and published from the that application.

I double-checked the site in a web browswer, and it looked fine.

However, now when I try to access it, I get on the images folder I created through Transmit. All the blog software, and the associated posts, are missing.

I tried re-installing WordPress on this site, to no avail.

Can anyone tell what’s going on? Have I lost my blog? It’s new, and hadn’t been backed up yet.


How was it installed in the first place? It sounds like it was an Easy Install, which won’t show up as a fully hosted domain.

In a panic, you should contact Support and hope they can restore order for you. It sounds like you wiped it out by replacing your site with a Fully Hosted domain. The only reason it would briefly reappear for you was it was probably cached.

Or you can start over with your Fully Hosted domain and do the Advanced One-Click install of WordPress. At least now you’ll be able to tinker with it.