My AFP mount stopped working recently

I know AFP isn’t officially supported, but it has been available since I established my account. Suddenly, my AFP mount is not working. Have there been any upgrades on the machine that runs the AFP software?

I should point out that if I mount my AFP share via the finder’s Command-K functionality, it works fine. But, if I mount using the command-line mount_afp program (which is how I have mine setup so that it’s automatic) it doesn’t work.

I’m probably SOL here, but I figured I’d ask.

What does the mount_afp command look like? My first try running this directly got an error (22). I found that I needed to add ‘Home Directory’ to the end of the afp URL to get it to work.

Yeah, I have the Home Directory at the end. This very same command line worked a few days ago, and doesn’t now:

/sbin/mount_afp afp:// /mnt/w

So, I don’t think it’s something wrong with the command line. I haven’t had any apple security or OS updates recently, so I don’t think mount_afp itself is broken.

Very strange.