My account not yet approved?


My account is not yet approved why?

Please contact me asap.

The worst part is , I have signed up with the special offer of 9.99$/year and now before approving itself, they are asking to pay the remaining full money.

I dont know why it is not mentioned in their offer. Feel very unconfortable with Dreamhost and also I’m not able to call the support person or reply to the support person in ticket.

No idea what you’re talking about.

I paid for the promo on Friday and had no “approval” time. It was instant.

Some promos are not be available in all countries and regions due to high levels of fraudulent activity, and sometimes activation for people in those places can take a few days. A lot of folks at the Dreamhost office are probably still on vacation or just getting back from the holidays, so this might slow things down a bit more than usual.

My account is also not yet approved. I signed up yesterday!
Also no response from Support :frowning:

What country are you from? Applications from some countries take longer.