My Account is Disabled?

I can understand why it would take so long for my account to be approved-- but, last night, it was just “not approved”. Now, it has gone from not approved to “disabled”.

“This account is currently disabled!”

Why is this? It doesn’t sound good-- furthermore, I’m locked out from every feature I’m paying for. Dreamhost got the money-- I checked. So what’s going on?

BTW: If anybody knows what the phone number is for Dreamhost, could you please tell me it? It’s been three days since I’ve paid, and since it’s Christmas Day (and this is one of my BIG presents), I’d like to get this all sorted out as fast as possible.

Thank you very much.

You’ll have to contact support. You should still be able to do this through the Panel > Support.

There is no phone number for support. There is a ‘call-back’ feature included in some plans, and you might be able to request that.


Thanks. I contacted support already (twice).

They’ve got to have a phone number. I’m not requesting call-back, though-- I’m not giving them more money for something they should be doing already.

EDIT: My account has been disabled because of “suspected fraud”. Funny how they took my money first, THEN suspected the fraud, and are now saying that they’ve put the money back. (Which my bank says is not the case.)

no, there is no phone number for support as a shared hosting cusotmer. search google, the dreamhost website, these forums, you’ll find that there is no tech support phone number you can call. It’s just not a service Dreamhost Provides.


It’s a stupid idea. E-mail does not solve all problems-- after all, it stands for Electronic Mail. Now, phone calls! Ah, God Bless Phone Calls. You can get issues sorted in five minutes.

Thanks for your reply, but until I get more than one person telling me that, I’m not buying.

Okay, I’ll be the second person counseling you that there is no phone number for DH technical/BIllilng support. :slight_smile:

I’ve read your posts, rlparker. No thanks.

In any case, thankfully, I won’t have to get their phone number if they actually gave me my money back.

Well I can understand why one might be upset over not having a contact number in certain cases. But no, there really isn’t one. I don’t see this as a big problem, since e-mail is often easier- no waiting on hold for an hour for outsourced, unhelpful help, like with some companies. Guess it boils down to personal preference, what you want in an account. I do hope your situation is sorted out soon.


It’s a better idea to have a phone number that people can call-- e-mail might be nice for sending documents and all, but, as it is, e-mail is the largest prepared game of tag I have ever seen in my life.

I see it as a big problem because of the lovely 23-hour turn-around time. And besides, even though outsourced help isn’t helpful, never in my life has it been like this where you couldn’t even HOPE to talk to the person that runs the place of business.

You obviously came to Dreamhost for a reason, in the first place.

My guess is that their low prices had something to do with it.

Part of the reason they manage to keep their rates so low is that they don’t have to pay for a call center. They’re pretty upfront (if you read ahead of time) that there is no phone support.

Sorry you’ve had these problems, but if I were you, I’d work with DH and your financial institution to find out why your payment tripped a legitimate business’s fraud detectors. That’s reason for concern.

Good luck!

I came for the webspace and the bandwidth-- but thanks for your unsolicited and incorrect assumption.