My account is disabled.I want my own domain back

My account is disabled.I want my own domain back. I’m a Chinese custom, I was cheated buying DreamHost’s host from a Chinese seller with a sale price, I just put some our own musics produced by us, but now the account is disabled, I just want my domain back which registered in China.
I hope the admin can help me.
Thank you!

Have you tried contacting customer service? or email them?

Could you tell me the email? I can’t find it.
I sent the message in my CP

I think that provided the registration of your domain name is not locked in the dreamhost control panel, then you can recover control of it by initiating its transfer at your account with another registrar, without needing any non-automatic help from dreamhost.

It would make sense that dreamhost automatically unlock the registrations when they disable an account, and it would be nice if anyone could confirm that this is what happens.

P.S. it occurs to me that it might also be necessary to be not using dreamhost private registration for the above to work, so that you actually receive the email relating to the transfer request. Does anyone know?

Oops! I left out something very important which I have just discovered by experiment (as I am a firm fan of the experimental method)

To make the transfer go through, you might (it depends on the TLD of your domain name) need something called an authorization code which is supplied by the old registrar.

Luckily dreamhost kindly supplies all necessary codes in advance; there is a page in your control panel where they are listed for all your domains,

so any customer worried about having their account disabled (through no fault on their part) should browse to and take a snapshot of this page in advance of needing it!


I doubt you still have the access to your account.

You can still contact DH support via Good luck.