My account is currently disabled

I was your client 2 years. Now, I have paid for a new year hosting and you blocked my account because I have downloading an old film from rapidshare into the protected directory on a site for my own downloading.

You have refused on my moneyback request for 1 year paid hosting.
And you have refused on my request to allow to me to move my sites out.

I understand that your new policy is very favourable to deceive the client and to struggle with world financial crisis but so you will lose all your old clients like this.

There wasn’t any abuse. It’s only your decision.
Anyway, I ready to present to you my money, but unprofessionally for you not to allow to me to move my sites out from your servers!


"We do not allow our customers to engage in or knowingly facilitate the unauthorized distribution or acquisition of copyrighted material in conjunction with our services. Unless you have obtained explicit permission from the copyright holder to do so - or are the copyright holder yourself - any of the following are prohibited:

  • Downloading or distributing commercial DVD rips, TV shows, etc.
  • Storing “back-up” copies of illegally obtained DVD rips, TV shows, etc.
  • Distributing pictures/photos/videos belonging to someone else.
  • Distributing songs and music files."

“Old” doesn’t count as an excuse unless it is so old copyright term has expired.

Also the services are provided for hosting web sites, not watching old films.

Just thought I’d point this out since you say “there wasn’t any abuse” but what you admit to doing is what DreamHost publicly states that they consider abuse. Also when you get your sites settled in at a new web host make sure you are regularly making off-site backs yourself.

:cool: -//-

Anyway, I do not understand why you block my account without any abuse! If you do not want to store such files on your servers just write me to delete them! Just explain this! If I do not do anything and do not delete these files - block my account. I did not know your new rules about this. My contact emal doesn’t work.
Even if you do not need me as client you should allow to me to move my sites on other hosting! You will lose nothing from it!

Without prejudice…

This thread aside.

“While it is not feasible for us to actively review the copyright status of every file we host, if we do run into an obvious infringement we will contact you and ask that you remove the infringing material and refrain from future copyright violations. Especially egregious infringement will usually result in immediately disablement without refund per our Terms of Service.”

When does “Especially egregious infringement” kick in? This whole ‘instant closure’ business is beginning to make me very very nervous. I host several art sites, one of which is a non-commercial guitar appreciation site. What happens if some ‘stranger’ posts a vid of themselves playing a copyright song? Or posts an image from a guitar catalogue? Or draws a ‘copy’ of a copyright image (how did Andy f*cking Warhol get away with it?). Or posts a photograph of a famous musician that was taken by a commercial photographer? What if someone takes a dislike to me? What if the web grinds to a halt under thick blanket of copyright infringements? Instant suspension with no discussion? Who is the ‘expert’ here?

“While it is not feasible for us to actively review the copyright status of every file we host.”

That’s a ‘me too’, Bud.

I don’t intend spending all my time ‘spinning plates’ on behalf of my clients in case they unknowingly (because they are not ‘experts’) perform a ‘copyright violation’. ‘Reasonable’ is ok, but I don’t intend losing sleep over matters like this… I will have to review this situation.


I think the “abuse” is evident.

See Atropos7 post, quoting what’s not allowed:

* Storing “back-up” copies of illegally obtained DVD rips, TV shows, etc.

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Ok. If I show any funny picture on my site (like this, they’ll close my account. It’s sucks, but I can understand that. But I do not understand if there was one DVDRip why they do not let me delete it and move my sites out? Or they’ll delete that and let me move my sites out. I do not understand that at all!

So, they can do that with every client. They’ll see a smilie in a home directory and will close account. That’s stinky!
I did not meet such rudeness in hosting company before and I will warn other web designers and web masters at other forums about this nice company and its kind “professionals”.

Close this topic. Bye.

I think the majority of web designers and web masters are already aware that it’s not a good idea to use any US-based webhosting account to download and store illegally obtained DVDRips.

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Once you break ToS, you’ve broken your contract with DH and they’re under no obligation to continue to support you.

I’m having a hard understanding why someone would download a movie into their DreamHost account so they could then download it to home. Why not download it straight home?


In either case you broke the law by using a Dreamhost server. Sorry to hear about your loss…

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