My 5 real comments dissapeared!



I’m not sure if it’s actually 5 comments, but not many people read my blog, so those comments count! :slight_smile:

It was after the database upgrade email sent out.

Some blog posts show a comment/reply #, but none show up, like on these pages:

others have no indication there was ever a comment, like:

I finished deleting out a backlog of spam comments today and noticed the old comments were missing from my WP interface.

Any ideas on how to try and find them or convince WP they really are around somewhere?



Your database lists 2,507 comments (yikes!) most of which seem to be spam.

If you go into the wp-admin dashboard, do you see those comments? Is it possible you accidentally deleted them when you were cleaning out spam?

I noticed you’re not using akismet - You should! It’s great at stopping spam, and it’s free :slight_smile:


I know! So much spam. As I was marking this last round I was thinking I really should implement akismet.

It’s possible I marked them as spam, any thing is possible, but highly unlikely. I treasure my 5 real comments and always make sure they are there after I finish spam clean up!

I’ll run through the marked as spam comments and delete them as I double check.


I finally scrolled through all the spam I’d marked spam. Turns out that those 2,507 +++ comments only went back to January of this year. Nothing older in there. I’ve installed Akismet which should help me manage my loyal spammers.

Unfortunately my real comments from years past are still missing. I’ve been thinking about hacking together a new XML file cutting in comments from a past back up but I really don’t have time to work on that at the moment.

In the mean time, lesson learned, back up WP before database upgrades!