My 4 sites down for 5 days now! No response to inquiries

I’ve been a patient dh customer for years, mostly due to laziness. It takes time and energy to switch sites to a different host company, and more money. You guys are down CONSTANTLY (I can’t count the times over the past years), costing your customers money. I’ve had it. My sites have been down for 5 consecutive days and show no sign of coming back up. I’ve filed reports with you and you’ve not even replied. I can’t even access my sites to move them to a different host.
I’ve put a call in to our lawyer to see what actions I can take. You’re costing us our livelihood. I want compensation. I want a polite reply, explanation, apology. I want access to my 4 sites and to be able to leave your services.

We had a similar situation last year. The way I got some respose was to post to the DH twitter feeds. I can’t remember off the top of my head the handles, but they should be easy to find. I hope you (eventually) have better service from your new host. We were very close to doing the same thing, and remain disappointed with the direction DH appears to have taken over the past two years or so.

You can save your time by reading the Terms of Service, specifically the indemnification clause. If you are too lazy to read it, I can sum it up for you here: you won’t get any compensation, even through a lawyer, other than credit for additional hosting based on your downtime. If you are on a shared account, that works out to be upwards of a dollar or two, tops.