My 1st day with dream host and Whats a Fuc***g Exp

yesterday i took dremhost hosting and from today morning i started my work
belive me guys i have shifted from servage to dream host and now i felt that i did th biggest mistake by doing this
dream host is not user friendely at all
bad support am mailing support guys but no1 is answering me
lots of problem too tough cpanel much complicated
tooooo slow speed of cp
my gosh am sad my site is gone :frowning: i request you dream host guys stop talking abt big things
stop talking abt big offer and concentrate of your service.

Are you using the Support -> Contact Support section of the web panel to send your support requests? This is by far the fastest way to elicit a response.

[quote]lots of problem too tough cpanel much complicated
tooooo slow speed of cp[/quote]
I can’t say I agree with you on the DreamHost control Panel. I personally find it much simpler to use than something like cPanel and far more powerful.

As for panel speed; Yes, it does sometimes get a little slow, but I have never found it slow enough to stop me from getting things done and trust me, being located on the other side of the planet (Australia), with the extra latency that this adds, I notice any panel slow downs pretty quickly.

I am sorry that your initial DreamHost experience hasn’t been a pleasant one, but rest assured that DreamHost is a good host and after you have had time to become accustomed to the DreamHost way of doing things, I am sure you will enjoy your time here. If not, there is always the 97 day money back guarantee. :wink:

Good luck.


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I registered yesterday and uploading my private gallery right now. Yesterday i got my subdomain located at this IP: and it was damn fast, could browse my test upload gallery very fast, as you can expect in 2007. today somehow my IP is now and my speed is just …hmm, not slow, it’s pathetic!!! 10kb/s if im lucky…impossible to host a gallery with photos on this hoster…i’ll test them for 2 weeks, if things stay like this, i’ll cancel and ask a refund…
in 2007 10kb/s, common, that’s not webhosting, that’s overloading servers or bandwidth.

I had around 350kb/s yesterday, today it’s normally below 10kb/s…sometimes 20kb/s…
the reason why i switched to this host is because a friend of mine hosts here as well, and he normally has 300kb/s or faster…today i get to his server only 25kb/s as well…so maybe this is just a today issue…dunno…maybe they have problems with their DNS/Backbones/something else which causes this 1990 hosting speed

I just visited your site, which incidentally is also resolving to for me, and the speed was very good (nice photos by the way :wink: ). Perhaps there is some other network problem between your location and the DreamHost network that is contributing to the perceived slow speeds you are experiencing?

I was interested to hear that your site was moved from its initial IP address so soon after signing-up, as my sites have maintained their initial IP addresses for the nearly 2 years that I have been hosting here at DreamHost.


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Yeah, guess it might be the problem between my location and Dreamhost network…im a german telekom customer, and sometimes the connections to all USA servers is just sucky!!! guess i have to file a complaint to the telekom people…a friend of mine just got 280kb/s from my dreamhost while i still have 10kb/s…to other servers as well!!! stupid telekom…it isn’t my local network either though, files hosted on servers in duesseldorf come at 1MB/s downtream…so it must be some “routing” which is bugging my connections to the USA

my dreamhost site

just got 2.07MB/s on testing one of the video downloads, soo…ya

Lot’s of things impact throughput (most of them not DreamHost related). I just pulled a 148.1 MB video from your site and averaged 560 KB/s…


Any improvement? If you give us your site we can check it out and see whether it’s the same for everyone or if it’s related to a routing problem or an ISP issue…

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Never seen the problems you are complaining of and I tried Servage before DH…to find that I was frequently disabled due to MYSQL issues and nothing but problem after problem with usage when supposedly I had so much.

Dreamhost gives you EVERYTHING that your plan offers.

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ok im satusfied now
now im getting really good speed+ very quick support
dream host rocks
cheers and thanks
ba bye

Lemme see, I’ve been with these guys since… 1998 I believe. Can’t believe it’ll be ten years soon.

I’ve run into a few issues over the past decade, and they have always helped me out (even when it was ME screwing something up myself…)

Outstanding service … Looking forward to the next ten. :slight_smile:

so can you change the title of the post? it hurts… ouch…

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I doubt the original poster can change the title on his/her original post, it has been too long and this forum only allows edits for a certain period.

However, it is possible for us to change the titles on our replies, which I have done with this post. :wink:


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