MX records not propagating

I’ve attempted to contact support about this issue, but I figured I’d post it here because there seem to be a lot of people here who know what they’re doing.

Here’s the situation:

I’m attempting to edit the records for one of my domains ( to point to an external mail server.

Last wednesday, I added two new MX records:

mail MX 10
mail MX 20

And one A record:

exchange A

On Friday, I removed the Dreamhost mail service from the domain, which kills the automatically set 0 MX records that point to Dreamhost. I then edited the two MX records above to the following:

mail MX 0
mail MX 20

The external server is set up and functioning properly, but any time any mail is sent to the domain, a 554 relay error is returned. This happens regardless of where the mail is coming from.

A quick MX record lookup on returns the following for the domain:

[i]How I am searching:
Searching for MX record at []: Got referral to B.GTLD-SERVERS.NET. [took 96 ms]
Searching for MX record at B.GTLD-SERVERS.NET. []: Got referral to [took 252 ms]
Searching for MX record at []: Reports that no MX records exist. [took 100 ms]

No MX records exist for [Neg TTL=3600 seconds]

Details: (an authoritative nameserver for says that there are no MX records for
The E-mail address in charge of the zone is:[/i]

Yesterday, I spoke with someone on this topic and they informed me that the records were to be re-binded at around Noon, CST. That has not fixed the issue. Internally (ns1, ns2, and ns3), the records look correct. Externally, the MX record for some reason is NOT getting propagated correctly.

Does anyone have any idea what I can do about this?

Decided to move the domain to another host, but it wouldn’t surprise me if others end up having the same problems.

[quote]I then edited the two MX records above to the following:

mail MX 0
mail MX 20[/quote]
It did what you told it to, not what you wanted it to do. What you wanted to do was to add the two MX records at the zone’s apex, thus defining MX records for; instead, you added two MX records for

jazz:$ dig mx +sh
jazz:$ dig mx +sh