MX Records Mixup?

I’m setting up DNS and email for a client. She’s got the domain name registered with GoDaddy, email set up with GoDaddy, and her web hosting here at Dreamhost.

I’ve set Dreamhost as the nameserver, and within Dreamhost the domain is mirroring another domain in her account. Her domain is mirroring perfectly.

The email is another story. Within Dreamhost, I’ve changed the MX records to point to GoDaddy’s servers. I made the change about 7 hours ago, but a test email I just sent bounced back.

Should I just wait a little longer for the change, or is there something I’m forgetting to configure? Is it related to the fact that the domain is simply mirroring another, rather than being fully hosted?

Thanks in advance for your help!


Wouldn’t the active DNS be at GoDaddy with no DNS mods at DH having any affect at all?

I’d expect that GoDaddy’s MX records are the ones being used.

(of course I could be a complete idiot if I only had all my parts)


I guess there are two ways I could have set up the DNS, and I chose the hard way. :slight_smile:

Right now, the domain at GoDaddy is set to use DH as the nameserver, so I’m changing the MX records to point back to GoDaddy. Maybe it would be easier to take your suggestion and keep the DNS at GoDaddy, then mirror the DH site from there.

She’s been able to receive some emails, but from our conversations tonight, she may still be having a few bounces. I’ll leave the settings as is until I speak with her again, then I’ll switch to your suggestion if things aren’t working.

Thanks for the help!