Mx records help

I have a customer who has a site that is being hosted by a company that setup the site for a special program. They are not hosting their email so my company will be hosting email only for them.

I’ve asked the web hosting company to put in some MX records to point to which is the ip address for the A record of in our DNS section of the domain setup in dreamhost. The problem seems to be that when the customer tried to send something from an AOL email account it send back a “554 … Recipient address rejected: Policy Rejection: --SENDER_QUOTA_REJECTION–” and then a “554 … Service Unavailable” but only AOL seems to have problems with sending to the address.

I’ve setup a test aol email account, and having the same troubles. I also have am AIM account and it sends through fine, and so does yahoo emails, I’m uncertain as to why * address fail to send but * doesn’t

I believe that this may be an issue with the mx records setup on the web hosting companies side, The server is a windows box, can anyone give any info on how to setup the mx records properly for this scenario?


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