MX records - for Office 365 (BT)

I host a very small site for a friend. Until now we have happily been using free domain email via gmail, but BT (their broadband and phone provider) have been upgrading them to Office 365 and need to verify the account so I’ve switched to DH mail. I have successfully used MX custom records in the past; the problem is that the record they have sent does not conform to the formula used by Dreamhost. They simply shrug when I say it doesn’t work and insist that it does for everyone else.

I’ve been instructed to “set up ms20424383.msv1.invalid to preference of 50,”, but when I put that into the custom record box I just get “Invalid: “invalid” is not a valid TLD for a domain!” and of course there is no box for the “preference of 50” either.

Does anyone have any ideas? I’m getting a little desperate here - so far this has taken over four hours of my (unpaid) time. I have emailed DH support.

Support should be able to override whatever protections have been put in place to protect users against making stupid mistakes and typo’s. If this is a new thing that alot of people will require going forward, after they have to make a bunch of manual edits for people, then they will build the case into the interface so that it doesn’t cause an error.

Thanks, LakeRat. I’ve spent hours poking around in the toolbox, and you’re clearly right: they’ve disabled all but the simplest (and presumably safest) of changes to DNS and MX records. I’ll email them the full text from BT and see if they can fix it; the trouble is the clock is ticking and BT are threatening dire consequences if it’s not fixed today!