MX records for E-mail Redirection


hi there, need someone to point me in the right direction :wink:

I purchased a domain here on dreamhost,
I have built a site for a client on a 3rd party Content site ( As they are not an Email hosting company i need to provide them MX records so i can have the emails redirected back here to dreamhost, where the domain is hosted.

I found the " custom MX’ records area in dreamhost, what i would like to know is

  1. is what is listed there the actual MX address
  2. if not, how do i get a hold of them without editing them myself and breaking my email :wink:



If you click on Manage Domains, then the DNS link next to it, you can scroll to the very bottom of the screen to see the existing MX records for your domain. Those are what you need to provide to Wix. Keep in mind that in the off chance that DreamHost replaces your mail server, that MX record will change and you’ll have to update Wix on the change.


thank you much! :wink:



I’m having the same problem for a client, but without access to the dashboard, would it be possible for you to pass me the changes you made? I would greatly appreciate it.


I have a domain hosted at Dreamhost – f. It has Google Apps associated with it: the 50 free email accounts which are no longer available for a new domain. I just got another domain – I want to become my main domain, but I still want to use the free Google Apps associated with to handle incoming mail.

My question: Can I adjust the MX records of so that incoming messages to anyone@will be redirected to and then be handled by my Google Apps?

I can adjust the DNS for both foobar domains, but I don’t think that I can ask Google’s account to also handle emails directly.
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