MX records blanked out

My MX records pointing at gmail were blanked out causing mail to bounce. I’ve reset them and they seem to be correct, but still no gmail. When I go into the domain’s c panel each time the checkbox for “use google apps” is unchecked and I have to re-check it.

Not sure what’s going on…




Is this for I see the google MX records set for that domain in your panel, and the checkbox for Google Apps is checked. Are you still having issues with mail bouncing? You might want to contact our support team directly with your specific details so we can look into it more thoroughly: (or feel free to use the Chat Live button at the top of your panel as well!).

Thanks for the reply. yes, that’s the correct domain.

Eventually it “took”. I entered MX 3 times and re-checked the G-Apps box as many times. Finally it stayed and the MX propagated.

Still, I’m confused as to why the records blanked out in the first place…???

Thanks again