MX Records - Am I Doing This Correctly?

Hi. I am transferring my domain to Dreamhost and my e-mail to GoDaddy. I had no trouble updating the DNS server information, and my new site has already propogated. I am, however, having some trouble with the MX server changes.

I am supposed to change my MX servers to the following:
mx priority 0 -
mx priority 10 -

So in the “Custom MX Record” section of Dreamhost, I put the following information, per the Dreamhost Wiki here:

So my two listings say:

In the Wiki, it says to input the listing as “0” (note the period at the end). However, when I save my changes and look at the listing, there is no period listed.

My two questions are:

  1. Am I doing something incorrectly?
  2. Am I to assume that, once I do this correctly, that anything going to my domain (* is then forwarded to GoDaddy?

Thanks very much for your help.

In case anyone runs into this problem, I was doing this correctly, and the final period does not show up and is not needed, per Dreamhost support.

Thanks man, this is a really good thing, because I have a client and he loves GoDaddy, but support at DH Wiki doesn’t explain that correctly.

Thanks for your help,