MX record went poof

Our company had two domain names:
formerly redirected web traffic to and had an MX record to redirect mail to a non-dreamhost mail server’s IP.

We decided we were going to set up a website on, so I switched it from “Redirect to” to “Fully hosted”. When I did that, I believe the MX record went ‘poof’.

I contacted Dreamhost about it promptly but so far no response. I am in a bit of a panic as I worry this is going to kill our ability to send/receive email. I do not know what the MX records were set to before.

Anyone have any words of wisdom, other than, “don’t do that”? :slight_smile:


Reply I received from Dreamhost:

"I’m very sorry but the custom MX records were removed when the site was
set to Fully Hosted. We don’t log what MX records you’d had in place
previously so you’ll need to track that down yourself. "

I know most of you would not be so dumb to do what I did, but let this be a word of warning: when you change a domain name, there is no ‘undo’ button and all your old records will be lost. Dreamhost does not have a log (or so they claim). It would have been nice if the panel warned me I was about to do something bad before I did it…