MX record, TTL

Okay so I have a few domains at godaddy that I want hosted here.

I started with one of our non-primary domains (previously forwarded to another domain at godaddy) I changed the name servers to DH’s, uploaded http content to \\ and everything seemed to work automatically. (took a few hrs) Looks good. Should I be alarmed that under “manage domains” that the registration says “unknown”?

Heres the real issue: Id like to move one of our primary domains that is currently also registered at godaddy but hosted elsewhere. I am having… Issues with that host. They have an MX record there that points to our mail server. Can I simply change the name servers at godaddy the same way, and then add an MX record here at DH? It is imperative that we do not loose email functionality and I am a bit paranoid.

Also: I cant find any settings to adjust the TTL in the DNS settings. Am I missing something? (new to the DH, sorry if I overlooked it)


You didn’t transfer the registration; only the hosting. That’s why it’s “unknown” in the Registration section. If you want to transfer the registration, you’ll have to initiate it from the Reg. Transfer screen.

You can update your MX record here. You won’t lose mail functionality since you’re using the same mail server as before with the same DNS and IP address settings.

You can’t adjust TTL. The most you can do here is a DNS refresh, but that’s only an internal update.


Awight, thanks.

Okay Im a bit frustrated…

The web panel is not allowing me to add a static IP address to a CNAME ( or an MX record.

What is the proper way to add my mail server’s static IP to


Okay I made an A record (called mail) to my mail servers IP, then pointed MX to

Is that the common way people do this?

So far incoming mail is still working but I dont think the name server change has propagated yet, I guess Ill have to wait and see…

Yep, A records are IP addresses and everything else is more like an Alias for an A record entry.