MX record to my own mail server

I just want to be sure I have done this correctly. I have signed up for the Crazy Domain Insane plan and am going to host my site on DreamHost. My domain is registerd with and I would like to leave it there for now. Also, for now I want to continue using my own e-mail server, so I wasn’t sure exactly how I should set this up. I am planning on doing the following:

  • Go to and change my nameservers to the dreamhost ones.
  • In the dreamhost control panel, change the MX record for my domain to the name of my mail server

But after that, I am not sure how to create an A Record so the name of my mail server is forwarded to its IP address.



If you don’t have the custom DNS panel on your plan (you don’t) you’ll have to write support and have them add one for you. I suggest using something other than the obvious mail.[domain], since it makes it easier for us (we don’t have to worry about conflicts with our system).

Just write support with the record you want added.