Mx record is

All was working well before ATT changed my static ip address. Now when I changed my A record to reflect the new IP address and do a MX lookup is shows the ip address as and emails sent from the internet will not deliver to our exchange server. Why would the ip address be The domain is


perhaps you are looking for to set an MX record outside dreamhost?

No I’ve done that but it’s not working. As I said I had this all setup until ATT changed my Static IP address.

Currently, I see this MX record:

And doesn’t exist. You’ll need to create it, or change the MX record to point to something which exists.

So how did exist before the ip address changed?

Sorry for what may seem like easy questions but I really don’t know much about this and I am just going on the fact that it all worked before.


I changed my cert in sbs 2003 to and changed the mx record in dreamhost to not when I look at the mx record is reads " and the IP address is still