MX record for domain registered outside Dreamhost

My .nl domain is registered in the Netherlands.

I have setup the NS-records the NS of DreamHost (ns1 to and setup a new domain at DreamHost.
The website works, but the Email is still handled with the provider in the Netherlands.

I want my Email handled by DreamHost.

Do I need to make any changes to the MX-records of my .nl domain (point it to the Dreamhost MX record). I thought setting up the NS records to DreamHost was everything I need to do, so all name resolution is handled by DreamHost.

Just creating NS records on your domain doesn’t do anything useful (in fact, it may screw things up). What you want to do is change the primary nameservers on your domain from your own registrar to DreamHost’s nameservers, so that they handle all DNS for your domain, including MX records.