Music and video streaming

On my existing website, I just upload the wma or wmv file to the server and use microsoft’s std windowsmediaplayer for the visitors to select and listen to the media as presented.
Thus, I fail to understand if quicktime streaming supports these formats. I don’t want to have the user to dowload anything that isn’t naturally part and parcel of their equipment ie; wm player.
So I want to join Dreamhost but need clarification and kudos as to how well multimedia files are supported. I like the idea of the dedicated media server but what about making everyone dowload quicktime to view a wmv file???
Yea, I know - I’m a newbie! can u help my confusion? :>)

Uh, I do admit to not being sure of what specific questions you’re asking.

Are you looking to stream media or are you looking to post media for people to download?

Is your current host using a specialized server running a Windows Media server (and this would be a Windows Server server, not a standard linux web server running apache)? If not, you can continue to do the same thing you’re doing now and just host the wma/wmv file for progressive download.

Everyone I know installs quicktime, but I suspect that’s because I’m in the US. I dunno what it’s adoption rate is overseas.

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we are looking for space on US as video streaming website for our product VideoVista.
As I found this topic that is talking about A/V I would like to know if you keep same price in your offer.
Below a VideoVista true streaming sample

thanks in advance


To my knowledge most if not all of the plans include the streaming server.

[quote]From DreamHost Hosting Features

Quicktime Streaming

All DreamHost plans now include unlimited Quicktime Streams! We use Apple’s open source “Darwin” streaming media server to allow you to stream audio and/or video content from your web site. In order to prepare the media to be streamed (i.e. begin play while the file continues to download) you must “hint” the file. It’s a bit of a complicated process, but we outline it and have plenty of help in our wiki. To set up Quicktime Streaming you have to use our web panel and create a special sub-domain where all your streamed media will come from. [/quote]

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've used both, so I’ll chime in:

VPS: Managed by Dreamhost with various configs that they can deploy for you, easily install Wordpress and other CMS’s, NO Sudo access at all (they took this feature out last year), quick and easy to add new users/sites via their control panel. From what I’ve been told, other users who are on the same VPS can have a tendency to affect your site(s). With dreamcompute, you’re the only person running on that instance/IP.

DreamCompute: You do everything. From setting up the version of apache/mysql, running security updates, manually managing SSL (all of this is over the command line as well)… if you’re comfortable with system administration, DreamCompute is cheaper and can be easier to use… one word of caution… something goes wrong with your configuration/setup and unless it is hardware related, DreamHost will not help you. You pretty much have to know what you’re doing.

I made the switch from VPS to DreamCompute this summer after they consistently continued to remove the Sudo access I had on my VPS. I needed sudo access for a specific third party server monitoring software as well as some other custom backup scripts that I run every day. In the end, I’ll be saving $72USD/year for the plan that I have purchased, and there a maximum billing rates/month for each plan… so you’ll never get billed more than a certain amount. You can also get more juice from your instance vs that of a VPS.

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