Mumble/Murmur on VPS

Curious if I am allowed to run Murmur (the server backend for Mumble) on a DH VPS, figured I would ask before trying it.

Yes, that should be fine.

Thanks andrew, I’ll give it a shot and see if it will run.

And what about a non-VPS hosting? Can I use Mumble server (not available to the general public, just for 10 to 20 users maximum at a time)?

No, you’ll need a VPS to run any sort of network server.

Curious if you set this up and how much bandwidth you are using?


Running like a charm
port: 64739

The resource use under mumble is so low that I can’t really measure, most I have had in it at once was around 50 people and I still couldn’t tell any resources had been used. Mumble automatically scales the bandwidth use per client to match their upload speed, so people like me on 10mbit down 768k up will use about 7kb/s in bandwidth to transmit, while people with higher uplinks will use more bandwidth. You set the max allowed transmit bandwidth in the murmur.ini (default is 72kb/s) but the thing is you could set it at 5kb/s and you couldn’t tell a difference in voice quality, it would just transmit about 3ms later than a faster cap.

Sorry for the late response, I forgot about this thread.


Tutorial here: