Okay, so I got my domain, installed WP, installed a theme and now I want to work on the layout and features of my website.

I hope I’m making sense but this is basically what I’d like for my website:

When someone visits the primary URL, I’d like that to be a regular WordPress static ‘page’. It should have a certain amount of dynamic content, such as the first 100 words of an update/summary/excerpt about the latest posts.
Since I’m doing this project on my website, I’d like my ‘project’ to have its own link but still be functionally as a blog where I can make regular posts (that should NOT all show on the static home page - instead I’d make a summary post about ‘updates on the project’ with a link, if you know what I mean?).

Basically a blog within a website.

Now I’ve read about multisites, networks, subdomains, subdirectories, did google searches, read message boards, codex, etc for solutions. I even tried some of them (the multisite and subdirectory) but failed, got an error message and deinstalled/installed WP again…I’m so confused. Is that even what I need or do I need to do something completely different? Is it even possible to achieve? I’m guessing it should be easy, just create a new blog on wordpress, set it up with the same domain or .com/project and link it on my main website? But is there a way to do this so it’s still all connected? HOW do I set it up? As you can tell, I’m not exactly an expert on all this website stuff. Please help?

ETA: Could I just create a new page like /project ON my existing website, then install WP to it via quick install? Is that possible?

There are a LOT of options with how you do this.

Yes you can totally do it with Multisite, and if you do, this will be two mostly separate blogs. Each one would have it’s own admin section, it’s own users. What they would share would be your plugins (activated per site) and themes (ditto). Also the user base (that is all the possible users for the site) is a common group, but each site picks their own users.

But you can also, as you surmised, just make a new folder called project and have our One Click Install put a second WP instance there.

If you want to give Multisite a shot again, I’m one of it’s biggest fans :wink: I wrote this: It may help.

Thanks so much for your reply and help. I already did work it out by creating a new folder and doing the One Click Install again on it. Works great!

I will definitely keep looking into the Multisite option though!