Multisite - header.php descritpion and tags

Question dealing with custom header code for different sub-sites, individual pages, posts.

I know Google said they no longer use keywords and metatags to rank sites. But have looked at the info on several blogs similar to my own. And the ones that show on the first page of a search, which do not otherwise seem significant, all have a separate and accurate “description” and keyword tags for every individual “page” and “post”.

How did they do get them in their pages?

I looked it up and it looked like the WP SEO from Yost. Would allow me to do this.

But I cannot get past the first instruction to set it up, as I must have my sites verified by Google. I cannot do that without getting in the header.php. But I can only find one header.php.

I find that on the main Admin dashboard, under Theme/edit.

This gives me the header.php for the main domain,

It does not allow me to access the header.php for, and

I wish to verify them as separate sites with Google.

I am learning about child themes and am going to make a child theme for each of my sites.

But, even if that solves the issue of a having a separate header.php for each site, it does not solve the issue of having customized data in the header for each page.

Am I on the right track?

Do I just need to have each site using its own child theme, and then I can do a separate verification with Google, and then this SEO plugin will allow me to add custom description and keywords to each article and review I post?

Actually Yoast’s SEO has a way for you to add your Google Webmaster tools ID right there.


It’s on the main SEO page.


I see Alexa will not register the sub-sites separate, which is ok for now. If the sites really take off, I will end up getting a separate domain for them down the line.

You mean Alexa says “This is a subdomain of, use the same key”? How funny :slight_smile: