MultiSite Domain Mapping not working

I have a multisite wordpress setup working and I finally got my sites migrated and everything works well as long as I use the subfolder address. However I want to map domains.

I have a sub to WPMU and am using their Domain mapping plugin. For some reason once I have everything set into place the site cannot be found when I map the domain to the subfolder.

Does anyone know why this is happening?

I have the web directory pointed to the multisite folder. DNS is working although it is pointing to a different IP, which I cannot figure out how to point it to the MS IP since I cannot edit the main DNS A Records.

I have been doing reading and cannot conclude if a VPS is necessary or not. I hope not.

Thank you in advnace for the help.

(Very happy WPMU member here too)
I believe you need this information about wildcard DNS.

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