Multisite and subdirectories

maybe odd question but wanted confirmation
I am managing a no-profit org with multiple projects and I decided to switch to multisite. I modified wp_config I went on to create the network expecting that I would be asked whether I wanted to create a subdirectory or a subdomain. I was not given any option, only subdomain. I suspect this is because I have been running the site for while. but now: I checked if I can change WP_config manually to include
define( ‘SUBDOMAIN_INSTALL’, ‘false’);
however, this is already set to false in the suggested code under the network setup space.
I knew that subdirectories would not magically take shape after this! I tried anyway and did what I had to do. result: subdomain.
I went back and reset back the site to multisite setup.
any suggestion?


Hi all,
problem solved. it turns out that wordpress 4.7 was giving me a hard time. I went back to a previous version and everything went smooth

Glad that fixed it, but it didn’t really fix anything. Relying on outdated software presents serious security hazards.

It’s possible that one of your plugins was not compatible with WP 4.7 multisite (which, btw, works fine in multisite mode on a clean install). I would investigate other debugging avenues before rolling back to earlier versions of WordPress.