Multiply hosting accounts

Let’s start with HAPPY NEW YEAR to everybody.
(Yes, I am already in 2013, fresh lovely sunny morning)

Hi, could not find the answer quickly, so I’ll just ask.

Is it allowed to have more then 1 hosting account with Dreamhost.
Personally I see no problem, since it is extra money.

Yes, I know I can have unlimited domains and such, but I would like to separate certain domains (gay-related) from a very large general related project, multiply domains (yet to register), I want to set up, beginning this month.

I could always do it on the same account I have now for 6+ years, but I prefer to separate them.

Yes, you can do this with a fully paid (no promo code) additional account.

Another option is to create your own extra “management” accounts inside your main account to separate the sites into manageable parcels of domains.

Take a look in Panel > Users > Account Privileges :

The difference is that the “management” accounts would be on the same server (and free to setup), where a completely new account might be located on a different server (and you’d have to pay separate hosting fees).

OK, thanks sXi

I know about Account Privileges, but it needs to be 100% separated, so anybody who does a whois or which domains are on the same IP searches, I do not want them to see the gay-related (semi-adult) domains.
Unfortunately not everybody in this world is open minded about gay or adult websites.

Anyway an extra $120.00 per year is not going to be such a problem and if the idea takes of, I even might make some money out of it, which will probably mean in the future VPS or dedicated hosting.

Another option again might be to get an Unique IP for the domain - although that’s about $45 per year anyway.

Using an unique IP effectively shields any reverse IP lookup, which would indicate that the domain is the only website on the server.

Not an option, since it is going to be about 6 or more domains as 1 project
OK, for when the DH supports are here:

I (think I) just “added” a second account (seems there was one, just never had hosting or activated), the billing is ready (not paid yet, my cycle is every 3rd of the month) and it will probably be taken from my Files Forever payout anyway tomorrow, so I’ll wait and see, before I pull out the CC.
It says it is pending, needs a phone call, the link goes basically to either contact support or billing.

Oops, just checked if my phone number was still correct. No it wasn’t, all had still my address in Holland, now changed to my address in Thailand.

Also there is a support email waiting regarding domain transfer/move and such.

Having multiple accounts in DH is fine as long as the payment is approved :stuck_out_tongue:

The payment just got approved a few hours ago (they had dec 31- jan 01) no problem.
I paid in FULL no promo ($119.??) for 1 year and I got my free domain.

Now I can not transfer a domain because the systems tells me:

You can’t add that domain: Promotional and referral accounts are for new customers only. This domain was previously in our system and cannot be added to your promo or referred account. If you would like to upgrade to a full price plan, please contact support.

How can I be a new customer, if I add the second account to my first account and pay the full amount.

I LOVE DH, first host I have been with for many, many years. (AFTER HAVING MANY MANY BEFORE)
So they made a mistake, it happens. I am NOT perfect, nor is DH.

Re: [suphan 67345172] Second account stays Pending


Did you sign up the first account with a promo code?

I really do not remember, that was over 6 years ago. Anyway I did transfer 1 domain from the first account over to the second account, so that is not a problem. Just an other domain that also needs to the transfered gives that message, but is on a friends account that I manage for him for the most part and he has been with DH since 2009. Also not sure if he used a promo, but anyway that is all years ago and since all paid the full price if there was a promo.

It is not as if there is a new promo used anywhere to try and fake the system. Even if there was a promo somewhere years ago, I think every rule has it’s exceptions.

These are domains that all have to do with one and the same large project and if I can not have them all together on 1 account, the need for the second account is gone, so I will just have to use the 97 days refund for the second account and move that project (domains) away from DH, which I rather not do, since I am a big fan of DH, best hosting company there is in my opinion.

Most likely your friend’s account was signed up with a promo code. If that is the case, you won’t be able to transfer the domain as it violates DH T&C.

You will have to contact DH support and explain the situation to them. They will need to manually handle this case.

Good luck!

You will be able to transfer any domain to the new fully paid account.

Just ask to speak to someone who has a clue.

That is what I also thought. Still waiting for a reply from support (16 hours+).

I can’t seem to find it right now, but I believe there is an old thread where andrewf chimed in on the subject. My recollection is that if he said something like “from what you’ve said here we should be able to accomadate that…contact support”. If you don’t get favorable response from support i’ll dig harder to find it, maybe with that link they will understand. =]

Great, my previous support message was out of the system, so now I sent a new one.
Was wondering why I was not getting a responds from DH, since they never are this slow.
The new support message tracking is 5519516

All is solved, was just a strange issue that was causing the promo report/error.
As always DH support was great.

Thanks for the kind words - I’m glad to hear we were able to get everything sorted out for you! As always, just let us know if you need assistance with anything else, we’ll be happy to help :slight_smile:

I must say that DH support has done a great job. The DH staff in this forum are really helpful.

First-line support are probably just doing their job, but two days is a bit of a wait for something that should have been extremely straight forward and accomplished upon first request. Could be the Happy-DreamHost-Don’t-Try-To-Game-The-System-Robot needs a tweak to allow inter-DH domain transfers to happen without any hurdles on (new) accounts that are fully paid sans promocode.

sXi, I can never say anything bad about DH or their support
(after almost 7 years with them, OK not always smooth, but solved),
despite some people have bad experiences, from what I read in the forum daily.
YOU KNOW, good news is hardly ever reported, that is the weak spot of this forum, always bad complain, never good news.
All was greatly solved and not forget was around New Year, so many people did not work.
Stupid ME/I wanted to work and start something new, but could not.

Thank you DH_Elle S for joining this topic after it was finished. I blame it on the fact of New Year and you and other DH forum people where not working. If you where working what sXI, I think is saying, you should have intervened sooner.

But considering the time of all happening, DH and (few) working people did in MY opinion a GREAT JOB
anyway, what happened to our avatars?

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