Multiple Wordpress installs on separate domains?

This is probably a big newbie question, but I’ve looked throughout the wiki and board a good many times for the answer, and cannot find it. Any help would be appreciated.

I currently have Wordpress installed on domain A, with several other fully hosted domains on my account.

Can I install another Wordpress install with a separate database on domain B without interfering with my blog/database on domain A? I would assume this is fine, but I did not see it specifically addressed anywhere and wanted to make sure it did not mess anything up with domain A.

You absolutely can do that, with no problems. The only possible potential problems would arise if your “domain b” was setup on Dreamhost with its “web” directory as a sub-directory of domain A, in which case .htaccess files could be problematic (this is not the “default” way Dreamhost sets up multiple domains - you would have had to re-map a sudir for this situation to occurr). :slight_smile:

As long as each of the domains are in a directory tree of their own under your user, you should have no problems.

I have run several sites this way.