Multiple wordpress and phpBB installs



Hi All,
Lets imagine i have 20 topics to deal with. What I exactly want is to have a wordpress blog and a forum for each one of them.

I need your advice on going for either 20 different subdomains or 20 different sub directories. Which of the following option would be a better option:

A) & … or
B) & etc…

I need this inputs from page rank perspective(see here, how PR is affected if the top level domain is not that active) and also from feasibility, performance & backup view.

As it is somewhat clear that each subdomain has to grow on its own in the Page Rank view, I am inclined to create, …Is it possible to install different wordpress & phpBB in 20 or more sub directories. OR is there any better option.

Best Regards,



If you travel the route of having as a landing page then having your blogs/forums in subdirectories you can add subdomains that redirect to those folders as well by using htaccess files with permanent redirect entries. -> 301 redirect to -> -> 301 redirect to ->

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Hi sXi,
Thanks for the Tip.Looks Great. Just want to know is there any limit of the subdirectories I can create. I mean from the point of view that each subdirectory contains a blog & forum with it’s own MySQL DB.
Will running so many MySQL databases won’t affect the performance ?

Best Regards,