Multiple Websites

Hello, newbie here. I need some help setting up multiple sites.

Currently our website is cloaked(?) under Which worked fine since we weren’t using the latter. We now want to upload a site for What is the easiest way to have both sites display properly?

Thanks for your suggestions.


Edit the cloaking website so it’s a Fully Hosted domain. Now you’ll have real domain directories for both websites.


Thanks. I now have both sites accessible, but all the pages besides the index for shows in the address bar. Is there a way for it not to show… ?? Is that where the cloaking comes in?

Thanks again is still cloaking. It should be a Fully Hosted domain in the Manage Domains section.


Yes, and once you’ve switched both domains to fully hosted, make sure all web files for the respective sites (HTML, images, etc.) are placed in the correct subdirectories, which will be separate for each site. You might have to move files from a different place you had them for the cloaked site.

– Dan